Student Focus | Jessica Lambert | Level 4

Collaborative Module Superdry Jessica Lambert (3)

A page from my lookbook for our Superdry collaborative module

The brief was to work collaboratively as a team of 5 graphic students to design a 15-piece capsule collection for Superdry for Spring Summer 2017, with an emphasis on the 16-20-year-old market. This was presented in an aspirational Look Book, and then presented to a Superdry panel. My final range was inspired by the WGSN Digital Wave trend with an emphasis on the 1980s. We were particularly inspired by the Kate Moross collection for Unmade. I used a pastel colour palette to create a collection that a teenager would want to be seen in in Shoreditch or Brick Lane.

Collaborative Module Superdry Jessica Lambert (2)

The most successful part of the project was working within a team! Team work was definitely the most fundamental skill that underlined this brief. Working within a group of designers who all had a different idea. As the client I had to choose which idea was the best for the team. It was an insight on how the industry would work.

Collaborative Module Superdry Jessica Lambert (1)

Working on a photography shoot for our Superdry collaborative module

Sustainable and ethical fashion is a big issue we have researched into and when designing my capsule collection, I chose to use 100% ethical cotton on tees and sweaters. Although this would make the price more expensive than a standard Superdry Tee, ethically it is essential that we buy products that we are aware of how they are made and the conditions that they are made in.

About Me –

I believe your body is a blank canvas every day you are the artist and it is down to a designer to make an impact on an individual life. I want to be that designer! Fashion makes a statement, it draws you in and tells a viewer your story, your personality and even your way of life. From a young age I have been fascinated with how clothes are made and how surface patterns are created. Vivienne Westwood is my greatest influence, I would argue that she was the catalyst for commercial punk through her collaboration with Malcolm McLaren. I admire the fact that Westwood incorporates political and social issues into her garments to use fashion as propaganda.

Collaborative Module Superdry Jessica Lambert (5)

Opening night at the Wilson Gallery Audrey Hepburn exhibition

Why I chose the University of Gloucestershire –

As I walked through the door of the fashion department on the open day, I knew that it was the place I wanted to study. I was greeted by warm lecturers and the excitement of something new. This first year studying BA Fashion Design has been fantastic! I have met 8 girls through the course which I laugh, smile and even cry with at times. Every moment has been worth it. My favourite moment was attending the opening night of Audrey Hepburn Portraits of an Icon, we designed and made 9 black dresses that were shown alongside the exhibition. This was a challenge for us as this was within our first 6 weeks of starting, but through hard work and a disciplined timetable we achieved the best outcome we could.


My final piece for the Audrey Hepburn Portrait of an Icon exhibition at the Wilson Gallery

By Jessica Lambert

Level 4 BA Fashion Design Student


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