Fashion is Everything We Do



On the 8th June the fashion doors at Hardwick Campus opened once again, and offered a warm welcome to everyone that came to see both 1st and 2nd year student’s work at our Fashion Is Everything We Do event. Since the grand opening of the UoG Art and Design Degree Show on 3rd June our work has been viewed by a great number of people including many influential people from the fashion industry!

The event was a great success and was a good opportunity to hear many people’s comments about the quality and range of work which we have completed throughout the year.

Our thoughts on the evening:

“It was a lovely way to acknowledge all that we have achieved in our first year not just as individuals but as the great team we are. For me the highlight of the exhibition was the black dresses as they are a perfect representation of how far we have come in only 9 months. I also loved the opportunity to share my achievements with proud family and friends”  – Abigail Farquhar, Level 4 Student

“Fashion is everything we do was a brilliant opportunity to share our work with not only family and friends but also with influential people from the industry. This was a particularly successful evening for me as I met a lady from a bridal boutique, she was impressed with my work and this has led to a placement opportunity. This is an amazing chance for me to develop skills in the area I love most” – Lauren O’Leary, Level 4 Student

In the weeks running up to the event we had the enjoyable task of displaying everyone’s work, which also included suspending our Little Black Dresses from the ceiling! This was also a great opportunity for us to see each others work in more detail, as the course can prove to be very fast paced which means that we don’t always have the opportunity to see everyone’s final work.

It was a great way to end the year and to celebrate all our hard work and creative talents. We’re all now looking forward for a break after our very successful and busy year.
Many are also looking forward to some amazing summer internships… watch this space for further details!

By Lowri Isaac

BA Fashion Design | Level 4


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