A day in the life : Superdry Intern | Lowri Isaac

Upon starting my degree last year, I understood that for roles in fashion it is important to have industry experience as well as a related degree. Practical on the job experience is key to gaining a better understanding of the fashion world, great for networking and making contacts, as well as being a perfect way to figure out which area you are most suited to and would like to pursue a career in. I feel very fortunate to have been given the chance to spend a month with the Garment Tech team at Superdry.

The Role

A garment technologist is involved in the product development, monitoring the production process and ensuring that fitting and quality standards are set and maintained. They work alongside the design team, pattern cutters, production team, factories and suppliers, and are responsible for all the technical sizing and finishing details and quality control. They will also check product size, style, material and colour, checking for any defects at the same time.

During my time at Superdry, the team were entering the design handover of their SS17 mainline collection which was both a great experience and hard work with both supplier and design meetings going on. As an intern at the Garment Tech department I had the opportunity to work with every department in turn (Knitwear, Accessories, Gifting, Idris Elba, Woven’s, Footwear, Womenswear and Menswear.) It was my job to help to keep things organised, organisation was key to success during this busy period. I supported in this area by processing samples, post, meeting arrangements, note taking, and the general efficiency and smooth running of the department.

Although up until a couple of months ago I’d never fully understood what was expected of a Garment Technician I now understand their importance. I must admit I really enjoyed dipping my toes into this aspect of fashion and can’t wait to further my studies.

The Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Garment Tech team at Superdry, and have experienced and learnt a lot. During the experience I tried to absorb everything and figure out what skills are required of me; such as time management, ability to multi-task and work under pressure, knowledge and understanding of manufacturing techniques and understanding of garment construction, fabrics and finishings.

What’s next?

After enjoying my time with the Garment Tech team at Superdry, I am now interested in experiencing what it would be like working with a Garment Tech team at a different brand.
I am also looking forward to be starting second year in a couple of weeks to proceed to develop my skills, and improve new skills I have acquired during my time at Superdry.

By Lowri Isaac

BA Fashion Design | Level 5




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