Directional Menswear Concept | Lauren O’Leary | Level 5

For the directional menswear module I am looking at the WGSN Trend Design Matters, I was drawn to this trend because of the colour palette which includes a lot of pastel colours but ‘Greys remain key’. I also liked that the trend focused on sustainability and reworking materials that are often found in an industrial environment. “Sustainability will become sophisticated with a focus on solutions that turn waste into beauty. Materials will become meaningful, evoking experiences and expressing new values. Less will become even less, and mean even more.”


The directional menswear brand I have chosen is Christopher Raeburn. This brand focuses on reworking garments and using second hand fabrics to use in new pieces, the fabrics have usually come from original military pieces, that are deconstructed and then reconstructed. This is why the brand uses the phrase – Remade in England, all of their items are reworked in England and this is something that draws people into the brand. The brand features a lot of outerwear garments which I like because I thought that outerwear could be interesting when it comes to designing and this would create a new challenge for me. The brand says that sustainability is key and this also fits in with the trend I am using from WGSN.




By Lauren O’Leary
Level 5 | Fashion Design Student

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