Final Collection Concept | Heidi Secker | Level 6

The Inner Creative;

The idea of releasing the inner creative of our minds, investigating into how Fine Artists and Fashion Designers put thoughts to paper, to design. Both undergraduates and those established in the industry, using their works and sketchbook pages to develop harsh and soft line marking to influence the print that will be developed into my S/S’17 Womenswear collection.

Colourful, Inventive, and Exaggerating Proportions of the garments are my three main focuses towards designing, plus experimenting with the scale and placement of print within the items. Pastels vs. Harsh Bright Colours for an abstract aesthetic with the work of Jackson Pollock in thought for the ‘in the moment’ aspect to painting, keeping the print the main attraction of the collection.

For my Fashion Promotion module I will be continuing this approach through Visual Merchandising design with a Shop Floor Layout plan using props, paint and more paint to enhance my vision for an exhibition space. This idea will also be transformed and adapted into professional but creative business cards, postcards alongside showcasing the journey of the collection on my website, blog and social media pages. Encouraging and following a supportive group of creative minds in the industry to think more about how they think and how that may influence their end design and whether to push the boundaries alike my collection.

By Heidi Secker

Fashion Design Student | Level 6


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