Directional Menswear Concept | Abi Farquhar | Level 5

“I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them” – Jackson Pollock

The directional menswear brand I have chosen to design for is Songzio. This is a Korean brand that a read an article about in GQ magazine ‘Songzio is the Korean brand bringing you wearable art’. Songzio is a fascinating brand designing a completely unique collection every season. At the start of every collection Songzio creates a piece of artwork usually oil on canvas. The incredible lines and marks made through these paintings inspire silhouettes and make the perfect artwork for unique prints. In addition to this my designs will follow the WGSN trend Nocturne. Plush reflective fabrics such as velvet and irregular line patterns created by intermittent light. I am extremely excited to explore how my primary research abstract art can be expressed in my designs throughout this brief.

By Abi Farquhar

Fashion Design Student | Level 5


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