UoG Fashion Design at the Clothes Show in Birmingham

On 2nd December we travelled to Birmingham for the Clothes Show, it was to be the last year after twenty- six years that it would be held in Birmingham. In July it would change venue to 5 different places in Liverpool.

The clothes show originally started on the television, a show that was watched by millions every Sunday at 5pm. It was started by Caryn Franklin in the late eighties at the height of fast fashion. Shoppers see this event as a glamourous and empowering event to be part of and offers everything from beauty to fashion and the latest music trends.

We manned our university stand on the Friday and this gave us the opportunity to speak with many individuals from pupils in year nine to a quirky new innovation company called Mode Clix. They were next to our stand and from a distance their garments looked like beautiful knitwear, but as we got closer we discovered it was actually made from 3D printing. The gentleman at the stand explained that it was all formed by links, there were no seams and if the dress needed to be larger extra links were added and if it needed to be smaller then links were removed.

We also had time to have a break from our duties on our stand and we listened to some fantastic talks from blogger, Sarah Ashcroft and hair dresser Lee Stafford. Sarah especially was interesting because in today’s fast fashion world, bloggers play an important role in critiquing fashion, being the first person to write about an item, informing and influencing their readers in what they desire and consume.

It was inspiring to see our collection on a runway alongside Herefordshire University and the London contemporary college of Arts. Our black dresses looked fantastic with a remix of Andy Rivers Moon river playing for the models to strut down the catwalk too. Watch a short video of the show here.

For myself I felt grateful for the positive response we got both from the stand and the runway show. It was good to take a step back in what we have achieved.

By Jess Lambert

Fashion Design Student | Level 5


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